1. Eat Less Than 1,...
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1. Eat Less Than 1,200 Calories Every Day.
1. Eat Less Than 1,200 Calories Every Day.
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The difference, though, between getting the recommended amount of activity and not getting enough, is that there’s a distinct difference between each — and the former has been shown to be far more effective in weight loss than the latter. So, no matter how much food we eat, we’re going to find ways to stay active.





"While it’s important to eat a healthy diet and be active, it’s very important to have a healthy diet that’s not going to make you feel full," says Amy Shapiro, RDN, in New York City. "Studies have shown that people with all different levels of activity level and dietary style will lose weight the same."





It’s possible to consume an excess of calories and still lose weight due to the fact that some people don’t take in as much food as others. The fact that some people are slow to absorb and use up calories is why some people can consume more food and not put on as much weight as others.





"For example, because I have a smaller gut and some people have a larger gut, they’ll eat a larger quantity and feel fuller than someone with a bigger gut."





Shapiro says that another potential reason why people may lose weight on a diet high in calories is that some people take in more food during that time than others. For some individuals, eating more at meal time can prevent someone from losing weight faster, and this can be related to lifestyle issues.





"Because some people eat at lunch and others eat at breakfast, depending on when they’re eating, they can take in higher or lower caloric intake and thus lose weight at a different rate."





With that in mind, no matter what time you choose to eat, whether it’s three, four or five hours before you exercise, it’s still best to eat a healthy diet.





"No matter how much you eat or how much you exercise, the trick is to create





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